Monday, February 23, 2009


among all those who had fallen
some rise up to seek the only
most lay lifeless for eternity
greed and desire corrupt the heart
blind by the beauties of lie
bind for the sense of feel
enjoyment pleasure for what life is worth
hiding the truth deep beneath
the desire to be immortal
the fear of pain
the fear of dying
the fear of facing death
coward masked with happiness
that is,..or so to say
get lost!far away


every day starts with a sunrise to shine on us,fresh air is always there for us,
everything is just so nicely made for us,bit by bit till we think we had enough of it and move on to other,..but sometimes it struck us that it is not only good things out there something bad is also out there,thing that would make our day seems so dim n light less, is full with unexpected thing that some times make us laugh make us cry make us sad make us mad and make us happy,..but those thing that made our life more interesting,we never would know what would happen tomorrow or will we be facing tomorrow,..we live to grow older and explore more things that we never thought we would knew,but then it is always more then what we expected never knew that we would feel so happy so sad so angry so nice so lovely,..every day we wake up remembering yesterday what we had from it and thinking of what to do today and what will we left for tomorrow,..planning our future to be more interesting better then what we had before,pursuing our dream so that one day it may become reality,believing what we want forgetting what we should believe in,..what we need to do,..for desire we dislike all those who appose,trusting no one only ourselves,

yet as days folded through time more of it is unfold,trying the best to predict what was about to happen still most prove to be otherwise,yet none of it is to be learn,for pursuing is top priority discarding the rest seems to be appropriate measure,defeated deceived will never be able to break the desire to obtain what is being look upon,not till it is seen in a naked form where no fond of values is to be denied,only lesson to be learn...

the unwanted and uninvited things always seems to have a good timing in approaching their target, never the less would it make any mistake in its mission,only that we need to be better than it to overcome it and change the outcome to be as we desire yet fate is not in our hand we do not determine what is the outcome of our action we may only predict what is to happen and trust in god that it'll be the best for us.

it is painful yet beautiful

kau lepaskan aku dan berlalu pergi
membawa segala yang pernah tercipta
diantara kita
kau berpaling dan menjauhi aku
meninggalkan satunya impian yang terbina
semasa bersama
kau kecili diriku dengan gerak-gerimu
mematikan langkah kakiku
membisu tak terkata ku melihatmu

apakah sebenarnya yang membuatkan kau pergi
mengapakah harus kau berpaling dariku
wajarkah semua kelakuanmu terhadapku
apa pernah terwujud cinta dihatimu
walau sesaat ku merindu
bagai tertikam kalbu ku
jua disaat ku mencintai
berbunga indah tak terperi
apakah kelakuan mu itu terbayar dengan indah cinta mu

apakah helah mu itu dihias dengan sebegitu indah buat ku
apa erti usahamu itu seandainya kan hilang dan pudar diusung waktu
berjanji lah pada ku cinta ini tidak kan pudar selagi namamu terucap
biar hancur dimamah bumi namun masih kedengaran sebutan itu
agar abadi di kenangan,..cinta mu