Thursday, April 29, 2010

The crazed and the tormented

ما الدهر إلا مجنوناً بأهله # وما صاحب الحاجة إلا معذباً

more or less it means : "what is time except lunacy to it's dweller, and what is need except torment to it's seeker"

never a moment pass in our life without it being engulf in time,yet never let it engulf our heart.our mind may be sway by the tide of time,flooding with thoughts of things to be achieved...but our heart must remain true to the purpose of our living in this ephemeral world. One who seeks what is consume by time will only find oneself drowning in torment and disappointment,for one's satisfaction can never be satisfied....may it be than just word in our daily life...

ps : to those who are able to correct me on the wrong translation of the saying is most welcome :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the beauty of oneself

used to hear this saying quite a lot of time, but seems to be forgetting it in times of thought of sharing it for may one day if i totally forgotten it someone else may remind me of it :)

"ما أحسن في وجه الفتى زينة له # إن لم تكن في فعله و خلائق"

more or less it means : "there is nothing better that beautifies for oneself # except those of his actions and manners"

remembering how many things we tried on to make us look better,the time we spent on,countless hours days months and years,how much of our wealth has we spent on looking better,it may change our look our beauty,yet those things does not change the way how people look at us,..for the things that beautifies us,make us look better is our actions,what we did to others. for our manners how we treat people,how we talk to others. respecting the elders and being merciful with the youngsters,those are the things that will change the way people look at us,either with love,respect and admiration or hate,anger and displease,..may it be more than just a word in our daily life.

ps : to those who are able to correct me on the wrong translation of the saying is most welcome :D


when we seek for cause that bring pain and shame,it is never to abide as admitting is insane,purely disastrous for all to gain,diminishing the hope that's being build,the worth is somewhat no one has seen,yet we try and fought again,knowing where the road will lead,to a desert that will never rain,nothing to gain and only pain,bliss and torment is what await,yet drawn to it without a shame,as if it is only a game,..

not a moment past as were to deem,a moment to look back to rethink,known only for others to see,that what remain is just its skin,groomed by fear yet it blooms,underneath those stunning beauty,are wretched and hideous play,a foul act that should have been on display,..

it is like a living bomb that we kept inside,not knowing till when it will reside,fearing that one day it will unfold,losing everything there is to hold,a charm and attraction it may,to be disappointed when it is dismay...

never did it came with a blessing,never has it been promising,it has always been misfortune,bitter and always despairing...

acknowledged yet its like the air we breath...cant run away nor can it be kept,..
detest,despise it for that it should...
speak of the truth no matter how painful it is...for lies is never of any use.

Friday, April 16, 2010


as i was sitting in my room view came upon an old book of mine,an interesting book that i have not read in a long time,a phrase that get me thinking for awhile :)

من شاف مصيبة غيره هانت عليه مصيبته

more or less it means : "He who sees the calamity of others find his bearable"

we use to frown and put ourself away from others, being depress about almost all the misfortunate things that happen to times thinking that why does it have to be this way,why does it happen to me..forgetting that misfortunate things happen to everyone some are more bearable than ours,some are more worst and unbearable compared to ours, yet we failed to see how "comparatively lucky" we are, whenever something misfortunate happen we should know that there are others that suffer more than what we are thankful be grateful we should, that we are test with much lighter and bearable misfortunate events...may it be more than just a word in our daily life.

ps : to those who are able to correct me on the wrong translation of the saying is most welcome :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

for us to ponder...

another beautiful poem :

ولدتك أمك يا ابن آدم باكيا"

والناس حولك يضحكون سرورا

فاعمل لنفسك ان تكون إذا بكوا

في يوم موتك ضاحكا مسرورا"

more or less it means : Son (descendant) of adam your mother begotten you and you are crying, The people around you are laughing joyfully, do deeds for yourself if they were to cry, on the day you die you'll be laughing happily.

also added to it by an unknown author that goes :

ولا دار للمرء بعد الموت يسكنها

الا الذي كان قبل الموت يبنيها

فان بناها بخير طاب مسكنه

وان بناها بشر خاب بانيها

" there is no house after death for one to reside in, except the house that he build before death, dwell in good house if it's built with good deeds, if evil deeds is what it is built with for sure it will disappoint the builder"

some says life is short and we should enjoy it...yet those are words for the one that has no believe in hereafter...spending all the moment they own on pleasure...yet for us life is like a test, a field of soil for us to farm on it,where we will be rewarded in hereafter...let us be the one to cry while tying rather than the one to cry when dying...we were born in tears yet are we to die in tears...may it be more than just word in our daily life...

ps : to those who are able to correct me on the wrong translation of the saying is most welcome :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

the unreturning time that passed

today i stumble upon an arabic saying that goes :

ألا ليت الشّباب يعود يوماً     فأخبره بما فعل المشيب

more or less it mean "if Teen Age' can return (to me) for one day #
So I can tell (complain to) him ('Teen Age') about what 'Old Age' has done (to me)"

the benefits that we can gain is to remind us that what ever the time we has now will never return to us if we forsaken it,waste it or fill it with unnecessary things,it will never come to us the same opportunity to correct it or to undo the things we did for time keep ticking away never stop never turning back...and so should we,think and plan ahead on what time left we has to spare for our future...yet not for the desire to achieve all the things we want rather the things we need to do,realizing that what we want may change from time to time yet what we need remains as it is...may it be more than just word in our daily life...


anger anger anger... do we ever wonder why do we get angry?is it because we didn't like what we see what we receive?or is it because what people did wrong?displease us?or just because we think its right to get angry at a time?

if we are to define anger it is a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath.
but by what should we define wrong?by our own prejudice?are we even good enough to say that is a wrong?by civil law?or should we get angry on the wrong doings of people against the law that GOD has drawn for us?or just purely by our dislike and displeasure?

anger is usually seen by community as an irrational emotion mostly rarely an appropriate yet why does it exist?is it to test our patience so that we may learn to see even thing and actions that we may dislike may have been the right thing?

we may always see what others did and done but how about what we did and done?
how do we accept the things we do are wrong in the view of other and arouse their anger?do we took a stance?or do we usually correct it to what may seems right in the eyes of others?

getting angry does at time make us feel better but does it change the outcome of the action?or does we need to get angry just so we may feel better even if the outcome doesn't?

be known for when anger is in motion mind will sway from fact,judgment will be clouded,irrational actions taken only to be regretted a moment after.

we may never know at time the worst things for us are what we like and at time the best for us are what we dislike,for the one that knows what best for us is ALLAH...