Friday, May 28, 2010

hopes and dreams

some said that this poem was imam syafiee's,but i couldn't find any source that this is his poem,but still a beautiful poem...also some said that this poem belongs to Abu al-‘Ataahiyah a poet in the ruling of Amir ul-Mu’mineen Harun ar-rashid...

ترجو النجاة ولم تسلك مسالكها # إن السفينة لا تجري على اليبس

more or less it means : you hope for success/salvation yet haven't taken its path # indeed a ship does not sail on dry land"

oh i wonder how many times had i heard this poem but still it is as my 1st time hearing it...the beauty it holds, reminds me that we need to work hard toward our goal to achieve it...
how can we hope to succeed in something that we put no effort to it, never can we get what we want by being idle and doing nothing.
Be brave and strong to have a Dream yet be braver and stronger to walk down its path...For the path to our dream is effort...may it be more than just words in our daily life.

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